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Between the pages, Past
A Mystery Column
By Dennis Collins
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Shadows in The White City


Robert's new book is set against the backdrop of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, "EXPO." Find out all about it in the following film narrated by Gene Wilder.

Fleshwar & Other Books

Get Robert's serialised short, FLESHWAR. Download it for just .49 from Amazon through this link.

Many of Robert's out-of-print eBooks are available for download from FictionWise.com; Floaters, Scalpers and Hunting Lure. Don't be without these limited edition titles. Order now! Unlock Your Hip Flexors Old School New Body James Bauer's His Secret Obsession Review Reviews on Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Sugar Defender Claude Davis' The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Christian Goodman's The Blood Pressure Program Review Liv Pure Reviews Sugar Defender Supplement Drew Sgoutas' The Smoothie Diet

Dead On - Free download PDF Print E-mail

deadoncover.jpgGenerously, Mr. Walker has agreed to allow free downloads of his next novel -- DEAD ON, coming out Spring 2009 via Five
Star \ Tekno Books.


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PSI: Blue

"PSI: Blue is intoxicating in its wicked tendencies. Characters that beg to be explored and saved, weaved into a story that is hauntingly evil in nature. There is no escaping the hypnotic talent of this writing master."
– Okeechobee Book Reviews 


"PSI: Blue is laugh out loud funny and creepy at once! Walker's created a terrific character; ranks up there with Carl Hiassen and Janet Evonovich for sheer nerve. What happens in this book should not happen even to a fictitious person, but Rae Murphy Hiyakawa is up to the challenge! She's all woman and a hell of a psychic detective. Makes TV's Medium look like child's play."
– J.A. Konrath, author Rusty Nail, a Jack Daniels Mystery


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Robert is currently working on DEAD ON, due out May-June 2009, a modern-day noir that Bogie himself could star in if we could bring him back from the grave.

Also, he is currently working on BLOODROOT, a new historical thriller on Salem Witch Craft and what Deodat Lawson, minister at the time called The Invisible World.  Creepy and historically "true" biting look at why your neighbor might think you're a witch or a wizard and wanna hang you for it.

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City For Ransom

"Set in a time when cops used their brains and guts--not test tubes--to solve crimes, CITY FOR RANSOM is crime-noir at its finest.  Walker's crisp, unapologetic prose takes us on a gritty, haunting hunt for a serial killer in 1890s Chicago.  Walker knows how to scare you, he knows how to keep the pages flying, crime-fighting, this novel is an old-fashioned but fresh surprise."  --David W. Ellis





 Shadows in the White City

Robert's new book is set against the backdrop of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, "EXPO."

"Gut-wrenchingly suspenseful, luridly atmospheric, and utterly plausible, Walker's creation is a brilliant mix of Conan Doyle, Erik Larson, and Wes Craven.   Yo'll be shocked, stunned, beaten to hell, and riveted to the peerless quality of this page-turner."  --Jay Boninsinga, author of Frozen & The Sinking of the Eastland





Available Now: City of the Absent

Robert W. Walker

Harper Collins, $7.99


An avenging angel haunted by the ghosts and mistakes of his past, Ransom called the slain detective, Nell Hartigan, "friend" and his unorthodox inquiries into her murder are pointing him toward a fiend who's targeting the city's most unremarkable and disposable citizens. But in a great urban slaughterhouse, where foul corruption festers in every dark corner, Ransom will find himself accused of the one crime he did not commit . . . and facing the final judgment of the hangman's noose.

Cuba Blue PDF Print E-mail
cubablue.jpgJust in the pipeline CUBA BLUE is a new series looking for a publisher. I gained new agency representation on the basis of this premise: A Gorky Park set in Cuba with a female lead. I will be writing this one with a collaborator, a good friend and writer met at DragonCon last year, Lyn Polkabla. This represents my 8th series character as Quianna "Qui" Aguilar will be a Cuban detective working TimeWarp Town (Old Havana) in current day setting with a 50's Noir feel. She is my chief replacement for the Instinct character of Jessica Coran. �
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